Barbie Magic Pegasus 3D Game Review

magic pegasus 3D game image In this Barbie Magic Pegasus 3D, we will take an in-depth look at the popular online game, Barbie Magic Pegasus 3-D. In this game, Barbie plays Annika, an ice skating princess. She is joined by Brietta, a Pegasus who helps her defeat the evil wizard, Wenlock, Shiver, an adorable polar bear, is also a part of the crew. Although this is a 3-D game, players who don't have to wear special 3-D glasses. If they choose not to, they will need to click on the glasses icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Doing so will turn this feature off.

All good games have a good premise. In this Barbie-themed game, Princess Annika's (Barbie's) parents have been turned to stone by the evil wizard Wenlock. When players best the game's four levels, they will have saved Annika's parents. Players that manage to do so are rewarded with game credits, which can be used at other websites to obtain prizes.

As mentioned above, there are four levels in this particular game. Level 1 requires that players successfully fly Brietta through 10 heart-shaped hearts. Brietta, the Pegasus, is controlled using their computer's mouse. In order to be successful, players must be adept at using their mouse. The hearts come flying by pretty quickly. Players must thus be ready to move fairly quickly. If they fail to, they won't be able to fly through enough hearts to be promoted to the next level.

scene from level 2 image

On Level 2, players must master the Forbidden Forest. This is simple enough to do. Players are instructed to locate all the letters hidden in the forest. Once they do, they will be on their way to reading the cryptic clue. Once they locate a letter, they will need to click on it. It will automatically be placed on the bottom of the screen. Now, not every letter in the message is hidden in the forest. There will be some remaining blanks. These can be filled using the "help" function.

In the game's third level, Jewel's Cave, players will be instructed to find and match the jewels hidden in the cave. When a match is found, it is automatically placed in the treasure chest. This level is really pretty easy. The jewels are not difficult to find. Most players, with decent eyesight, will be able to locate and finish this level pretty quickly, even really young players.

The fourth level of Barbie Magic Pegasus 3D Game requires that players find Wenlock's wand. This is super easy and shouldn't take much time at all.

In Summary
This is a great game for younger players. The differences in the game's levels, ensures that players won't be doing the same thing over and over again. This game probably wont' be much fun for older children or adolescents but it should be fun for young, female Barbie fans. Parents should approve of the game considering that it is in no way, offensive. It is kid-friendly and appropriate for all ages, even very young players. Moms and dads looking for safe and entertaining online game should consider this one. .

Last modified: July 15 2012

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