Barbie Magic Pegasus Game Review

magic pegasys game image In this Barbie Magic Pegasus game review, we will take a close look at the popular game, namely, its premise, instructions and what type of players it is most appropriate for. Let's begin with the premise. The aim of this Mattel game is to help Barbie break through the ice gems. This is done by matching the pictures on the ice gems before a player's magic wears out. It is important that players stay cognizant of their remaining magic levels at all times, lest they run out of magical powers and are unable to finish the job.

A magic wand is used to click on each ice gem. Once the gems are clicked, a picture of Barbie or one of her friends appears. Players must than find and click on the matching picture. If they are able to, the spell is broken. If they are not, they will have to continue searching for matching pictures.

This is essentially a memory/matching game. Players must find and pair up the matching pictures. The premise is very simple. However, this doesn't mean that it isn't fairly challenging, at least for younger players. After a player has matches all of the ice gems, a short video of Barbie and/or one of her friends is shown. Players then have the option of either moving to the next level or quitting.

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When players find themselves stuck and are unable to correctly match a pair, they can call on their lifeline a la "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", Shiver. When players click on Shiver, they will be given a sneak peak of the remaining ice gems. They will need to scan their screen quickly and try their best to identify matches before the ice gems are turned back over. It is important to note that using Shiver will drain a player's magical powers, thus his services should only be called upon when absolutely, necessary.

The Barbie Magic Pegasus game is really quite cool. It is appropriate for a variety of ages. Children that are familiar with matching games should catch on pretty quickly.

Memory games are a great way for children to exercise their brains and develop skills that can be utilized in the classroom. Keeping the brain active and a child's "thinking cap" on is especially important during the summer months when school has ended.

With so many inappropriate, online games, it can be difficult for parents to find games that are age-appropriate. This particular game is both parent and kid friendly. Children will enjoy it and parents can rest assured that the game is not only safe, but it is educational in the sense that it helps develop a player's memorization skills.

Players who enjoy this game may want to pick up the corresponding movie. It has the same title. In it, Princess Annika manages to escape from a very bad wizard. She explores Cloud Kingdom alongside a Pegasus (winged horse). This Pegasus turns out to be someone very special to Princess Annika, though she doesn't initially know it. Once the princess and the Pegasus defeat the evil wizard, she (the princess) discovers that the horse is her very own sister, Princess Brietta.

In Summary: Barbie Magic Pegasus game review
Barbie fans should find that this particular game is lot of fun. It's not only enjoyable, it's challenging and great for developing memorization skills amongst young kids. All in all, it is a very good game and well worth playing.

Last modified: July 06 2012

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