Barbie N Me Happy Meal Game Review

barbie n m happy meal Barbie N Me Happy Meal is the perfect game for 'fashionistas'. It is a super fun game that give players the opportunity to win cool, downloadable prizes. Barbie N Me Happy Meal requires a sense of fashion and the ability to spot differences in images situated side-by-side. This really cool game is geared toward young girls who enjoy Barbie, fashion and online games.

The premise of the game is as follows, Barbie and some of her best gal pals, Nikki, Theresa and Summer, are traveling to some of the most fashionable cities in the world. It is the player's job to spot the differences in the pictures the girls took along the way. If a player is able to do so, they will receive a printable prize.

To begin, players simply click the Go button. They will then choose which city they would like to visit. Once they have arrived, they will be able to view two separate pictures. It is the player's job to point out the differences between the two. This may prove to be a bit difficult, because the pictures look a lot alike. Once a player has spotted the differences, they simply click on them using their mouse.

Barbie aeroplane

In all, there are five differences in every city. In order to win a downloadable prize, the player has to spot every difference, in every picture. This is a timed game. Players only get so much time to complete to identify the pictures' differences. If they are unable to do so, they lose.

Last modified: April 13 2012

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