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Barbie image Barbie is a toy doll manufactured by Mattel Inc. One of the world's most iconic dolls was invented by a Mrs. Ruth Handler. Inspired by the popular German doll Bild Lilli, Handler's Barbie doll has gone on to become one of the worlds most iconic toys. The first Barbie hit was sold in 1959. Since then, millions have been bought and sold in countries across the globe.

The original Barbie has spawned numerous others. Barbie, in many senses, has proven to be both a snapshot of the "modern woman" and an image of what she could become if she wanted to. Barbie has been a bit of a trailblazer at times, wearing uniforms and working jobs which considered traditionally feminine at the time, for instance, there has been a Doctor Barbie, an Airline Pilot Barbie, a NASCAR Racer Barbie and an Astronaut Barbie. This has proven to be controversial at times. However, it has helped countless numbers of young girls and sometimes even women, see themselves in occupational capacities that perhaps the world or their community did not. Barbie and Mattel have been applauded for that.

Ruth Handler, was first inspired to create a grown-up doll after watching her young daughter play with her paper dolls as if they were grown-ups. Realizing that there was room in the marketplace for more adult-like dolls, she discussed this finding with her husband, who just so happened to be one Mattel's founders. Ruth's idea wasn't well received initially. Neither her husband nor the board believed in the concept and so it was dropped for the time being.

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