Barbie And Ben Kissing Game Review

barbie and ken start Barbie and Ken are perhaps the U.S.'s most iconic couples, at least in the realm of toys. While they may not be as popular among young American girls as they once were, there are millions people who consider Barbie and Ken, America's first couple. In this kissing review, we will take a closer look at the game, including its premise, whether or not its appropriate for young players and who the game targets.

The game makes plenty of sense. It gives young girls and boys the opportunity to do virtually, what they have been doing with their friends in person, for years, play kissing games with their dolls.

Here, Barbie and Ken hit the red carpet. Because they are such a noteworthy couple, the paparazzi is ready and waiting to take pictures of them, much like they are today's most popular couples. The aim of the game is to sneak in a few kisses, without the paparazzi catching it on film. Boys and girls will be able to have the couple kiss for varying lengths of time. However, they should keep in mind that the longer the duo kisses, the more likely they are to get their photo snapped. Therefore, they have to be strategic in their timing. Those able to successfully dodge the photographers more often than they are not, will move on to the next level.

paparazzi taking photos

As the game progresses and players move up the game's three levels, the game's themes change. For instance, they travel to Paris, where once again, the aim of the game is to dodge the paparazzi as the two try to sneak in kisses.

Games like this one are extremely easy to play, making them suitable for very young players, at least those whose parents don't have a problem with them playing kissing games. Fortunately, many are very innocent and very PG. However, there may be some parents who take issue with their son or daughter playing them. This will be a matter of personal preference. Those that don't think its age appropriate for their child, will find that there are plenty of other games which don't involve kissing.

It should hold the attention of very young ones, at least a short while. The same might not be true of older ones. Parents on the look out for online video games that are both entertaining and safe, will find that this kissing game qualifies on both accounts, again if they don't take issue with the kissing (it's closed mouth).

Players who successfully best the game will have to beat three levels to do so. There is a meter on each level that calculates how long the kiss lasts. There is also a heart icon, located in the top right corner of the web page, which lists what level the player has reached.

Overall, this Barbie and Ken is pretty decent. The graphics are good and the premise is cute, but it is very simplistic. This can be good or bad depending on who's playing it. It's easy enough for young kids to play, but may be too easy for older gamers. Diehard fans should have fun playing this game. However, it probably won't hold their attention for very long.

Last modified: June 08 2012

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